About SEEtalks

When you see someone who you never thought can be where he/she is, it makes you ask … How is this possible? It also makes you feel that if they can, then why not I? Is there something that they did differently, what was their motivation or thought process, thinking is one things, but how did they actually make it happen?

SEEtalks is a platform for bringing such stories to life and make people realise that ‘Dreams do succeed’. What you experience on this day through talks and performances is an experience, which tells you that enough of telling yourself that why you should NOT do it, instead tell yourself why you should START doing it and take the first step towards your dreams.

What are SEEtalk events specific objectives?

  • To share examples of human potential that has no limits.
  • Create a community that can enhance human potential via peer learning.
  • To facilitate collaborations between social change makers, innovators, heroes and startup community across the globe.
  • To bring to the forefront hidden and unheard stories of entrepreneurship and inspiration and together celebrate a life full of possibilities.